About us

Careconsumer.com is a professional service providing online portal to deal with disputes and consumer exploitation in the market.

We are a technology driven platform where consumers file complaint by sending a legal notice to the goods and service provider, against consumer exploitation and their unethical practices. Our services cover all aspects of consumer protection in Indian market.

Our mission is to provide one-click access to consumers where they can get an easy assitance for all their legal needs against consumer exploitation.

In today's socio economic era where we all know consumers are the king of the market, but due to the lack of awareness and legal knowledge, Consumers have to be victims of exploitation everywhere in the market.

Careconsumer.com is an innovative initiative to make awareness and facilitate legal aid in consumer exploitation related matters.

We at careconsumer.com select the appropriate consumer organization and legal experts in order to provide justice to consumers effectively and efficiently. Our vision is providing professional service so that consumers should not have to spend their time, money and energy effort individually to contact the service providers, manufacturers and legal experts.